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 Wrestling Game/TV Rant

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PostSubject: Wrestling Game/TV Rant   Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:32 pm

I wish there was a wrestling game that actually had the style of wrestling that I enjoying watching. Not only does the WWE have watered down wrestling on tv but it's also in the video games as well. To be honest, if it wasn't for my brothers from SyN I wouldn't even put the game in.

In Japan they have a style called Puroresu. It's the Japanese strong style of wrestling and it's incredible. They really know how to work a match. They haven't forgotten what ring psychology is and the fact that they're trying to tell a story in the ring. Not only that but they have high impact moves as well. I've gasped at some of the moves these guys pull off wondering if anyone was going to survive the match. Something else about Japanese wrestling. They approach it as a sport and it's well respected in Japan unlike in the US where it's been said you have to be a redneck living in a trailer park to watch rasslin. www.youtube.com/harrysvideovault has great Japanese wrestling on it.

AAA Lucha Libre out of Mexico. Never have I wanted to learn spanish so much in my life. I watch AAA on youtube on a channel from www.youtube.com/luchalibremexicana and it's awesome. I can't understand 95% of what they say but they tell a story in the ring and you can kind of figure everything else out. It just goes to show you that a company can get you to watch a program because of it's wrestling product even if you can't understand the language. I'll just have to ask Joker what's being said. LOL

Whatever happened to the art of chain wrestling? Well, it's in ROH. ROH is probably the best wrestling company in the US. The wrestling is amazing and the story isn't half bad either. They have their problems just like everyone else but the in ring product is incredible. Meth0d and I are going to go see ROH in Oct. ROH, ROH, ROH!!!

Miricle and I will get into the ring and try to work a match and I think we do a good job considering the limitations that SvR puts on us. I'd still like to script a match sometime and record it. Get the ebb and flow of the match with high spots and a big finish.

Well, I guess I'm done, for now at least.

ProdigY of SyN <--- Looks nice doesn't it?
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Wrestling Game/TV Rant
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