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 List of abilities for SvR'09

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PostSubject: List of abilities for SvR'09   Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:19 pm

Make your opponent bleed 10 times, and bleed yourself 10 times

Cage Match
Win a Cage Match by escaping in under a minute (Cage Match is unlocked by Intercontinental Title path)

Dirty Pin
Get a 5-star match rating against 3 Superstars who have this ability

Beat a Superstar rated 20 points higher in overall while you both have orange limb damage.(This is an easy ability to earn if you have diving Body splash 1, which turns your body orange after about 3 times doing it)

Evasive Dodge
Win Special Matches(#1 contenders matches) against 2 of the 3 follwing Superstars; Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and/or Jimmy Wang Yang

Fan Favorite
Successfully taunt your opponent 10 times in one match match (cannot have the Steal Taunt ability active)

Hammer Throw
You must have earned at least one ability in your first 10 Career Matches, then get the Sit in the Corner Award(Whip your opponent into any of the corners corner 10 times)

Win 6 championships

Earn 5-star ratings against ever competitor in a single championship path (excluding the champion)[easiest way to avoid this, do not make the match last and do much so that you get 5 stars on everyone in the title path]

Ladder Match
Get a 5-star match rating in a Ladder Match against one of the Hardys (Ladder Match is unlocked by the Cruiserweight Title path)[Hint: try to get the ECW title then do the cruiserweight path, then fight Matt Hardy)

Lock Pick
Go against Chris Jericho in a Singles Match, and escape the Walls of Jericho(Turn Give Up off when you fight him, make sure its a manager match.)

Move Theft
Defeat 20 different superstars

Execute 50 weapon attacks in your Career

Outside Dives
Complete 25 dives (from in the ring to out, not off the top rope) in your Career

Possum Pin
Beat 3 Superstars who have his ability(To avoid this, just take everyone who has the ability out of the rosters)

Referee Shield
Get 5 DQ losses, then win a championship match against a good guy (Ex. Triple H)

Kick out of a pin attempt at a 2-count while having 2 parts with red damage
(The easiest way to earn this ability is a single w/ manager match and while being pinned, have your manager distract the referee(RB + up n d-pad))

Win the Cruiserweight Championship

Steal Taunt
Foil your opponent's attempt to steal our taunt(cannot hae Fan Favorte abiltity active)

Attempt 7 Strugg;e Submissions and win the match

Tables Match
Break 40 Tables in your Career (including Announce Tables) [ECW Extreme Rules Match is unlocked by ECW Championship path]

Credit to KeithRob93*

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List of abilities for SvR'09
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