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 Career Mode Roster Edit.

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PostSubject: Career Mode Roster Edit.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:14 pm

A lot of us don't like to have Possum Pin for Obvious reasons as well as Dirty Pin, these are the 2 abilities that everyone seems to accidentally get. Luckily we can fix that.

When starting a new Career you're given an option to customize the roster.

This is a list of the superstars you should remove or avoid playing to avoid Dirty Pin and Possum Pin.

Dirty Pin = DP

Possum Pin = PP

Both = B

Women Not Included.

Finlay- DP
Shelton Benjamin- B
Trevor Murdoch- B
Brian Kendrick- PP
Masked Man- DP
Jesse- PP
Randy Orton- DP
Ric Flair- B
Carlito- DP
Rey Mysterio- PP
Santino Marella- B
Chavo Guerrero- B
Jimmy Wang Yang- PP
Shawn Michaels- PP
Chuck Palumbo-DP
John Morrison- DP
The Miz- B
Cody Rhodes- PP
Kofi Kingston- PP
Mr. Kennedy- PP
Curt Hawkins- DP
Lance Cade- PP
Mr. McMahon- DP
Elijah Burke- DP
Paul London- PP

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Career Mode Roster Edit.
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