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 UTD Tournament (By MindOwn)

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PostSubject: UTD Tournament (By MindOwn)   Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:58 pm

The idea of tournament on SvR has been identified as another way of having drama than going to Gamefaqs, therefore I have came up with this idea.

I posted it on the UTD site so I decided to post it here too.

I came up with an idea for a tournament that will be for sure FREE drama and interesting for everyone either the players or the fans who are going to watch each tournament match.

Yes, every game will be recorded by MindOwn. I must be there not anyone else to record the game and keep the match calm, however I know no one is going to be lame or desperate. Am I joking? No, listen to the idea then decide.

Simply pinning your opponent or making him tap isn't the solution to pick up the win. Indeed it's not!

Even after the match, both opponents won't even know who won it. You know why? because the fans will decide who was more entertaining and realistic in this match. The fans won't even know who is who. I will be the only one who knows who is who.

Tips to win your matches:

1- You got to be realistic

2- You got to have new setups of doing your finishers instead of toe kicking finisher. Well, you can toe kick finisher but it won't get you a lot of votes.

3- Damaging your opponent won't get you anywhere. So rushing to get him red or orange or even yellow won't be good for you.

4- ^ In other words, you got to job and do your best to be reversed and also do your best to hit your moves.

5-^ If you didn't get reversed, it means we're watching the match from one side so indeed this is going to be counted against you.

6- Either you're using the Undertaker or Rey Mysterio, it won't give you more or less advantage to win. Why? Because as I said before 1-2-3 or tapping out isn't our goal. Just who was more realistic and entertaining.

7- You got to use different superstars each match. light heavy weights, super heavy weights, heavy weights, and cruiser weights if you know you won't roll all match.

8- I know everyone is wondering how about if the best one I can be realistic with is Batista for instance, well then use him but guess what, next match you can't because we want you to be more realistic with other superstars as well. That's why this tournament is posted under training camp and I'm joining it because I need training as well.


1- Of course no glitching or cheapness.

2- No dragging inside the strong grapple because it's unrealistic.

3- Don't stall inside the strong grapples too much

4- Don't back away from 3 rd reversal. Either you down strong grapple or irish whip the opponent after that 3 rd reversal.

^5- Unless you're spamming the 3 rd reversal then back away once but it'll be counted against you as well so the best solution is to control yourself and take it easy on desperation strikes.

6- If I found out that any tournament player told any of his friends who was he in the match so they can vote for him, then sadly I will DQ him.

Sign up is opened for everyone either UTD or not.

NOTE: If you all care about is the win and proving that result screen have that red win on your gamertag, then this isn't the tourney to join at all.

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PostSubject: Re: UTD Tournament (By MindOwn)   Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:58 pm

idea about advancement. I had an idea like this a time ago where it'll be 2 matches against eachother. so it's like a tag team tournament where your opponent is really your partner.

^maybe have that as a different tournament down the road

also don't worry about rules let people do what they want. the matches are pretty much going to be a work so if you're doing crappy things it's only going to hurt you.

I'm in nonetheless as long as my connection is good

EDIT-* I really like the anonymous idea

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PostSubject: Re: UTD Tournament (By MindOwn)   Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:09 pm

i'd love to sign up for this great idea Mind Smile
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PostSubject: Re: UTD Tournament (By MindOwn)   Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:11 pm

Awesome man, would you please sign up on the UTD site too so I can easily know who is joining. Thanks a lot man
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PostSubject: Re: UTD Tournament (By MindOwn)   

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UTD Tournament (By MindOwn)
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