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 Guidelines To Keep In Mind While Applying

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PostSubject: Guidelines To Keep In Mind While Applying   Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:18 pm

#1) We Do Not Believe In Intentional Glitching Or Cheating To Gain An Unfair Advantage In A Clan Match.
- If you are caught glitching, Even if its by us and not the other team. You will be warned or dropped from the roster.

#2) There will be practice matches/scrims setup off and on. You do not have to attend all of them but we ask that you atleast make it to one off and on.
- If you cannot and it affects your team-work with the group, then chances are you won't make 1st squad active clan match roster. After all..we are here to have fun, but also win.

#3) No Quitting..
- If you quit a ranked clan match, you will be set to inactive in clan matches giving someone else who wants to play the chance to compete until you show that your here to play. (If you get d/c that is a diff story...)

#4) Be Professional...
- I myself am horrible at keeping my cool and having good sportsmanship to most random players, however in scrims or actual matches.. please be respectful unless you are treated without respect.

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Guidelines To Keep In Mind While Applying
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